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Date of Birth: 1909-07-26

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Lloyd Pollock brought Junior “A” hockey to Windsor. He was President of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association in the 1960s.

Pollock was born in Pine River, Ontario on July 26, 1909.

Pollack moved to Windsor in 1933, in the midst of the Great Depression, to take a job as a cashier with the Canadian Pacific Railway. Before long, he was serving as the secretary-treasurer of the Windsor City Hockey League. That same year, he founded the Windsor Softball League.

Pollock set a plan in motion to bring Junior “A” hockey to Windsor in 1942-43, when he played an integral role in forming a local Junior “B” league. In 1944, he helped to form an Intermediate League made up of teams like Goodyear, Auto Club, Spitfires, and Ryancretes. Pollock’s goal was to effectively form a feeder system that would support the acquisition of a Junior “A” franchise.

In 1946, the gambit paid off. The Windsor Spitfires played their first game in 1946, when the team lost 15-0 to Toronto St. Mike’s in front of 4,062 fans at Windsor Arena. The Spitfires rebounded and ultimately put together a strong season that saw the team narrowly miss the playoffs. In the years that followed, the Spitfires developed a relationship with the Detroit Red Wings and acquired future NHL stars like Glenn Hall, Marcel Pronovost, Earl “Dutch” Reibel, Johnny Wilson, and Glen Skov. The Spitfires thrilled thousands at Windsor Arena.

Pollock served on the Ontario Hockey Association’s executive committee from 1952 to ’63. He was named President in 1961. In 1964, he achieved the rank of Second Vice-President with the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association. He was full President from 1968 to ’69.

Some Windsorsites considered Pollock to be one of the greatest things that ever happened to Windsor Athletics.

Lloyd Pollock passed away on September 9, 1993.


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